I'm a bass player from USA, I'm 22 years old.

I love Metal, Classical Music and Jazz.

Music is the love of my life, the reason that I'm still alive, and the reason to keep my journey through this world that sucks.

I also like photography and arts.

One of my dreams is travel to Italy and see the beauty of Saint Mark Basilica on Venice. I hope one day my dream will come true.

I'm a hopeless dreamer, but my heart's of gold.

Also I like movies such as, LOTR, Thor, Interview with the Vampire, The Pianist, etc.

Also another dream I've is to meet my main influences on playing bass. Such as, Rudy Sarzo, Steve Harris and David Ellefson, but sadly I can't meet Jaco Pastorious.

You can talk to me if you want, I'm open to receive comments and fan mail, i'll answer all of them.

Another aspect that is important on my life are my friends, the ones I really consider that are true to me, those are the ones I treasure.

I've been knocked down but I won't be broken, I won't be broken ♫
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All our hopes now lie with two little hobbits, somewhere in the wilderness.

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Joe threatening sending a message to the fans 

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Tolkien read-along: Book II Chapter I ‘Many Meetings’

Lord of Imladris

inspired by Casey’s amazing edits

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Lord of the Rings Meme → 2/3 Races → Elves